The Soul Expedition

I’ve just finished the first draft of my book that explains some theories about the Soul and what is its purpose in relation to earth, the physical body and the Spiritual Realm. I wrote it in long hand over a space of a week into the early hours of the morning. Deciphering some of my handwriting was a bit of a challenge, but it feels good to get it all down.

The response has been good so far and I have requests to read it, though it still needs a few tweaks and I’m sure I’ll add a coma here and take a few out…

Editing, while talking to yourself!

Editing can send you a little crazy, should I use a semi-colon here or not I ask myself. I don’t really like them, but I’m supposed to use one and Word has suggested it to me! I don’t always listen to Word, but it does pick up some questionable things.

I read things out aloud and it makes sense. I’m shocked after countless drafts; I should know each sentence off by heart. How long does one deliberate over adding or removing a comma? After 10 minutes, I realize it’s too long to spend and leave it as it was. I used a cliché; I like it so it stays because it makes me laugh.

How would an American say this? I envisage my friends in dialogue and message them to make sure. I’ve watched enough US drama shows and spent enough time in the US, I shouldn’t doubt myself, but editing does that to you. Was I being mean to my character, am I being too philosophical here or overbearingly opinionated there?

Soon you can be the judge of that!